PHELEAD Women’s 100% Merino Wool Turtleneck Winter Casual Long Sleeve Knit Jumper Sweater Pullover

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Product Description


1; What is Merino wool?

Answer: Merino wool is a natural fiber grown by Merino sheep. It’s thinner and softer than regular wool—making it easy to wear next to skin. And when you wear wool next to skin, a lot of benefits come with it.

The thickness of wool fiber is measured in microns. While the average human hair is approximately 60 microns, Merino fibers typically range from 13-24 microns. These Merino fibers are categorized by their thickness as follows:

Medium Merino (21-26 microns)

Fine Merino (17.5-21 microns)

Superfine Merino (15.5-17.5 microns)

2; What is Merino wool made of?

Answer: Proteins composed of amino acids and natural compounds. Merino wool is a natural, renewable fiber—meaning one sheep can grow four to five pounds of wool per year. Plus, this fiber has evolved over the years to keep sheep enjoying in harsh environments These happy animals hang out in temperatures that range from 5 degrees to 95 degrees—no problem. It’s a pretty amazing fiber.

3; What is Merino wool really good at?

Answer: Helping keep your body at a stable temperature. When it’s cold outside, the natural crimps and bends in its fibers trap air, insulating you. When it’s warm outside, it transports sweat quickly away from the skin, helping to keep you cool and dry.

4; What is Merino wool better at than traditional wool?

Answer: It’s super-fine and soft. A single Merino wool fiber is ⅓ the diameter of a human hair. It’s so fine, actually, that when it brushes up against skin, it bends out of the way. It can’t be prickly like other wool fibers because it can’t stand up to the weight of itself. So it’s soft. Really soft.

This benefit of wool gets a bit technical—so bear with us.

Merino wool transports sweat and moisture away from skin as a vapor. Merino fibers are inherently porous. They’re composed of little plates that moisture vapor can get in between—meaning you’re not left feeling wet, cold, and clammy after a workout. Synthetic fabrics are not porous. They usually wick sweat when it’s already a liquid, and then your body has to heat it up to evaporate it—making you feel clammy in colder weather. Merino takes a step out of the process, which helps you stay warm and dry when you’re moving and playing outdoors.


Size Chart

* Small: Bust 35″—-Sleeve 23.5″—-Length 24″

* Medium: Bust 37″—-Sleeve 24″—-Length 24.5″

* Large: Bust 39″—-Sleeve 25″—-Length 25.5″

* X-Large: Bust 42″—-Sleeve 25.5″—-Length 26″





Please refer to the quality inspection report issued by China national textile & fiber bureau, including wool fiber fineness and anti-pilling reports, which is on the left side of the product images
100% This
Lightweight, super soft super warm, turtleneck design, slim style
No shrinkage, no distortion, no fading. The sweater is skin-friendly so you can wear it close to your body
We are a manufacturer from Beijing, China with 17 years experience in weaving cashmere and wool
Our company is willing to be supervised by Amazon and every customer, and takes all the legal responsibilities caused by material and quality

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PHELEAD Women’s 100% Merino Wool Turtleneck Winter Casual Long Sleeve Knit Jumper Sweater Pullover


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